What is The Cipher Escape – Room Escape Experience?

 It is an Unique Experience! – Room Escape Game – Puzzle Solving Game – Team Building – It Is About Having FUN!

You enter an escape room, within the room, you need to find real objects and clues that are hidden and placed throughout the escape room.  Combine and use them across the logical games and ability games as you get nearer to the final puzzle which ultimately gives you the key and or code to escape.

You need to work as a team, watch every detail, pay attention to every hint in the room, as they help you accomplish the game.  All participants of the same time slot will be one team to play the game.  Single players are also welcome but of course, collective effort can make things simpler and a lot more enjoyable.

You have one hour in this environment closed from everyday life, where the ancient surviving and problem solving instincts inside of you can revive.

This is the transplantation of well known adventurous point & click game in to the reality, where the searching, the puzzle solving and the excitement remains, but the experience becomes touchable and the place is REAL, LIVE and In Person!

Prepare yourself, we created the puzzles in a way that you need to use your brain and fun capacity on the maximum level, to push your limits.

The game can be played by minors in the 10 -17 age range, while being accompanied by adults.

Tips for the Escape Experience

Be Active!  There are clues scattered throughout the room. Move, touch,and open as many things as you can to find clues.

Share your findings with others.  The only way to solve the puzzles and escape is to put all of the clues together.  A safe may take two or three clues to open.  Gather your clues in one spot and work as a collaborative unit with the other players to come up with solutions.

Everyone should try it.  If a participant thinks that they have the correct answer and a clue will not open, they may have the wrong answer or they did not put in the answer correctly. Have someone else try it.  The riddles puzzles and problems are obvious to some people and appear impossible to others. Have everyone give it a try.

Do not Give Up!   The experience can be completed!  The players that don’t escape stop looking for clues, stop trying different combinations and believe they can’t figure it out.  Keep having different players trying to the solve the clues, keep looking at the riddle and keep trying any possible combination.  Keep moving, keep looking, keep trying and Don’t give up!